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Members Gallery

Welcome to the Gallery of Blue Heron artists. Please explore examples of 

classical Sumi-e, brush, and contemporary watercolor paintings. 

For further information about any paintings, contact the artist via email.

Joe Nicholas

Joe's goal is to capture the spirit of his subject through expressive brush work. He is also an instructor.

Contact Joe at

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"Alone in the Snow"

Mike Lane

   From 2005 through 2015, I studied Asian art with wonderful and patient tutors while running a business in southern China. One of my goals now is to apply the Chinese painting skills learned in Asia to a wider variety of subject matter, especially the landscapes, animals, and plants along the eastern coast of the United States. I find transitional spaces like marshes intriguing, and the connections between art and spirituality also motivate me --for example, the concept of imago dei, the belief that art and creativity matter because of the imprint of the creator God on humankind. Currently, I am preparing to do more shows in the coming year, as well as teaching classes in Asian ink and watercolor painting at the Visual Arts Center in Titustown, Norfolk.

   You may see more of my art at or my Facebook page-- Mike Lane Art. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to email me at haoyisi2@gmail.comClick for more images

"Fishin Shack" 20x30; framed 

Norene Spencer

   I gravitated to the simplicity of East Asian Brush Painting long before I took up a brush and became an award-winning painter. The elegance, freedom and energy (chi) of brush work continues to fascinate me.

   My main goal of teaching Sumi-e is to spread the 

enjoyment of this ancient art form. It always amazes 

people that they, too, can paint.

   My work can be viewed at Portsmouth Arts and Cultural Center in Portsmouth, VA and in various local galleries. You can contact me at

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Jill ​Valentine

   I have been drawing and painting most of my life. When I was in boarding school in England, art was taught at all levels. I have done pen and ink drawing, watercolor and acrylics, but my greatest love is Sumi-e.

   I love the simplicity and freshness of this art form. To paint a subject with just a few strokes and bring it to life is a joy and delight! Less is definitely more! Contact me at beachvalentines@gmail.comClick for more images

"Pink Flowers"

Ting Mei

Ting Mei is an award winner and Sumi-e supply business woman. She started Sumi-e art in childhood. She focuses on applying poetic imagery and illusions and is also proficient 

in various calligraphy styles. Her philosophy is that 

being a good person can make one's work better. 

This applies to her whole life. Email her at maple.woods@aol.comClick here for more images

"When Lives in Seclusion"

Gail Goodman

   As an artist, I would classify myself as "Artist Come Lately". While always having an interest in art, I did not seek any formal training until I moved to Norfolk in 1999. I then enrolled in classes and workshops with local artists and attended many workshops presented by guest artists from other Sumi-e Chapters.

   However, some of the greatest inspiration on my painting has been through my new found peers and friends through classes and the local Blue Heron Chapter Sumi-e Society. My style has evolved greatly and now seems to have a western contemporary flavor mixed with Asian influence, and then touched with whimsy. Click here for more images

"Bird and Iris"

Barbara Battelle

Email Barbara Battelle at

Florence B. Wolin

   Since retiring from teaching in public schools, I have devoted most of my time to painting and writing. I am currently studying and teaching watercolor. Please contact me at for information about my paintings.

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"Asian Garden"

Bill Larkin

I am fairly new to semi-e, but I find it very relaxing, as well as calming. I have been a musician all my life, and had never done anything with visual arts. I believe it is essential to empty the mind in sumi-e, so the spirit of the subject can   live in you to be expressed in the painting. I think this is what makes semi-e so calming. Please email me at for more info about my paintings Click here for more images

"Mother and Child Reunion"

Betty Oliver

l love being involved in the Blue Heron Society, and I truly love painting all kinds of furry animals. During this pandemic, I have learned many techniques, like sumiyagashi (marbling) to enhance my artwork. 

For further information about my paintings, I can be reached at, or 757-652-3190. Click here for more images.

"Life is Beautiful"

Cathy Peyton

  I have been in the Blue Heron Chapter for more than a decade. My paintings reflect nature’s simplicity and beauty. I try to capture the essence of the subject, leaving room for the viewer’s imagination.

During the recent pandemic, I painted every day to quiet the mind and practice old and new skills. Each day, I shared my artwork on Marco Polo, Sumi-e Creatives. These gallery paintings resulted from this creative effort to be a part of a sumi-e community who learns and grows together. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

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"Out for a Swim"

Rose Burroughs

Sumi-e painting is relaxing and exciting at the same time for me. With the round brushes and rice paper, I can paint anything from nature or books in an hour or two. My work is on display at Davis and Lloyd Art and Framing in Norfolk, VA.

I can be contacted at

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"Geisha with Striped Obi"

Allen Waters

After a lifelong interest in painting and drawing, I started Oriental Brush Painting in 2017. I primarily enjoy painting landscapes, scenes from my travels, and nature and gardens. While much of my work has been watercolor, I plan to do more work with ink, including color inks, in the near future.

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"Meherrin River"

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